Modular technology

The buildings are made in a technology that ensures above-standard thermal insulation, required by the regulations for 2024. The modules are delivered to the construction site by road transport. Thanks to a significant degree of module prefabrication, assembly time, construction noise levels and dust emissions can be reduced to a minimum, which is particularly important in built-up areas. In addition, in the modular system, it is possible to carry out prefabrication and assembly works in the winter, in conditions where traditional construction technologies require work to be suspended.

Supporting structure:
The supporting structure of the modules is made in the form of a skeleton of welded cold-formed and/or hot-rolled steel profiles in construction material grades (e.g. S235JR, S355JR or appropriate ones according to PN EN 10025:1993) and with cross-sections resulting from each time static calculations. The steel structure is protected against corrosion and fire. Depending on the type of expansion, loads from modules can be transferred to:
- prepared foundations (point foundations, strip foundations or foundation slab)
- prepared for reinforced concrete, steel or combined construction.

Partition design:
The external walls of modular buildings are adapted to install any type of facade system available on the market. The ventilated facade is installed in a way that eliminates thermal bridges occurring on the fastening elements. Installation of partition walls based on a dry construction system that meets the highest standards in terms of fire resistance, moisture resistance and impact resistance allows for easy changes in arrangement during the use of the building. All structures we offer meet fire protection requirements.

Thermal insulation:
Partitions with the following U-values (W/m2xK).
- outer wall coefficient U = 0.2 (W/m2xK)
- floor coefficient U = 0.23 (W/m2xK)
- roof coefficient U = 0.15 (W/m2xK)

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