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Buildings are made in the technology for oversize thermal insulation, with the required regulations for the year 2021. Modules are delivered to the construction site by trucks. Thanks to the significant degree of prefabrication of modules, we can reduce to minimum time of the assembly, construction noise level and dust emissions, which is highly important in built-up areas. In addition, in the modular system it is possible to carry out prefabrication and assembly works in the winter, in conditions where traditional construction technologies require work to be suspended.

Cross-section and materials

1. facade board (there is possibility to use any facade material)
2. insulation (optional: grooved polystyrene, rockwool)
3. windinsulation
4. board OSB 3
5. steel element of the skeleton structure
6. insulation (rockwool, polyurethane foam)
7. steam insulation
8. board OSB 3
9. plasterboard
10. floor (floor panels, PVC floor covering, floorboard, etc.)
11. board OSB 3
12. joists
13. steam insulation
14. insulation (rockwool, polyurethane foam)
15. steel element of the skeleton structure
16. insulator (steel elements filled with polyurethane foam)
17. board "steico universal black"
18. insulation coating (protection and sealing mass)

Advantages of modular construction:
- quick investment implementation time
- design can be adapted for individual customer needs
- easy to expand

Modular constructions on the Polish construction market are known as an innovation. It consists in combining ready-made elements. The individual components of buildings, installations both internal and external components are prepared in the production halls. Implementation of an investment project at the customer consists only assemble pieces into one ready structure.

The modules can be used both in the formation of new buildings, as well as additions and a superstructure existing buildings.

Modular construction responds to the modern need to care for the natural environment through the efficient use of space, simple connection and a transparent form. It offers a guarantee of comfort, style and modernity that are still looking for new customers.

Our company offers neccesary designing and carrying out of the facility with all installations (sanitary, electrical, technical) as well as support and customer care at every stage of implementation, from designing to handing over the keys.

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